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School City of Mishawaka Headquarters

For a period of time in the late 1960s and 1970s, the Eberhart Mansion served as the adminstration building for School City of Mishawaka. The property was originally bought with the idea of serving as a location for a new elementary school, but demographic trends made the construction of a school there unnecessary. Amazingly, the structure was barely altered during its tenure as an office building.

From Early Mishawaka School History by Betty Berger Hans:

In 1869, the superintendent of Mishawaka Schools had an office on the second floor in the High School building on the west side of Hill Street, between First Street and Second Street. As Mishawaka School City became larger, the offices were at the Municipal Utilities Building, second floor, at 207 East First Street.

In 1967, School City bought the Yeager Estate at 222 Miami Terrace. The two-story colonial brick mansion, with over twenty rooms, was built in the early 1930s at the cost of $150,000. The mansion is located on ten acres of landscaped, fenced land. Many native Indiana trees and shrubs have been planted by F. G. Eberhart, who built the home. The library has pine wood walls and shelves. A mural imported from France covers the dining room walls. The brick facade was shipped from Williamsburg, Virginia.

The mansion was dedicated and called the Yaw Administration Building. It was to honor Lowell Yaw, who became Director of Plant Operation and Maintenance for Mishawaka School City in 1946.

Mr. Yaw received his B.S. and M.S. from Indiana State Teacher's College. He was trained in the field of industrial arts and served as teacher and principal in Vigo County schools. Mr. Yaw came to Mishawaka in 1942 and taught at Main Junior High School and Mishawaka High School. He was always in charge of the auditorium stage at the high school. Mr. Yaw retired June 30, 1970.

Eventually, School City decided to sell the property:

School City - sale flyer