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In order to help the owners of historic homes, we are offering the opportunity for owners of these properties to list them (at no cost) on a city-specific page. When a historic house comes on the market, we know it will stand the best chance for being well-cared for when purchased by a new owner with an interest in historic preservation. If you have a historic house in South Bend that is currently on the market, please send an email to bob at eberhartmansion.com with a link to the listing details and we will update this page.

Featured Listing - The Eberhart Mansion

Library - Eberhart MansionFacade of Main House536 Miami Club Ct.
Mishawaka, IN

Actually located in nearby Mishawaka, the 6843 sq. ft. Eberhart Mansion is one of Michiana's finest private residences, with strong ties to significant figures in both South Bend and Mishawaka history. Explore this Austin & Shambleau-designed historic home on the other pages of this website, including the virtual tour, or view the real estate listing here. Contact Jan Lazarra at 574-651-1665 or janlazzara@aol.com for more details or to arrange a showing. Full listing details.

1207 Erskine Manor, South Bend, IN - 7680 sq. ft. historic property in Erskine Manor. Info.
(Is your South Bend historic house for sale and not listed? Contact bob (at) eberhartmansion.com with details.)